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Direct Sales CRM
Mobile App
Role: Lead designer and researcher
Team: Conducted research with Stella & Dot's Senior UX Researcher and Director of Product Management
Outcome: Fully designed mobile app
Duration: 4 months

Stella & Dot is a San Francisco based direct sales company specializing in boutique-style jewelry. They have 50,000 women around the world selling their products through parties and personal websites. Currently, their sellers don't have a reliable CRM tool for managing customers. They track, manage, and follow-up through a hodgepodge of methods.

Sellers need a more effective tool for managing customers.

Design Process

Personal Interviews
Together with EVER's senior researcher, I interviewed sellers from all three Stella & Dot brands. Our goal was to understand how they manage their customers. How do they use our technology, if they use it? If they don't, what do they use instead, and why? What activities do they do daily? What difficulties if any, do they have managing customers?

Current S&D technology
What many sellers use instead

User Profiles
Developed based on insights from the interviews and past research.

User Journeys

I created user journeys to work out how sellers would interact with a redesigned CRM.

I identified the core functionality: managing tasks, contacts, orders, and trunk shows, then started sketching flows.

I used storyboards to translate core functionality into user scenarios and flows to envision how everything connected. Pictured below is a storyboard segment for outreach to hosts.

The guiding vision behind the app was simplifying customer outreach.

I learned from the research that sellers struggle in three major areas: 1) identifying who to reach out to, 2) organizing customer information, and 3) navigating the site.

1. Sellers need help identifying who to reach out to.
Sellers complained of spending hours a week planning customer outreach. Some used the existing technology's filters, but the majority didn't know about them or find them useful. I solved this problem by surfacing suggestions across the app, starting with suggested tasks on the home screen.

Suggested tasks on the home screen: Like a good personal assistant, the app surfaces suggested tasks based on a seller's activity and the time of month. Suggested tasks are called out with a gradient mark.

Suggested filters on the contacts screen: I included contextually-relevant filters such as, Upcoming Trunk Show, Upcoming Birthday, and Expiring Rewards so sellers could more easily sort and find people. Many filter categories have second tier filters for more granular level searching. Users can personalize filters by selecting the plus icon to view a list of all options.

Suggested search: When a seller opens the search text field, they'll see recent searches followed by suggested ones based on where they are in the app. Upon typing, the suggestions will change to auto-completion.

2. Sellers want help organizing customer info.

Currently, sellers create alphabetically organized binders and notebooks to keep track of customers. When asked why they don't use our technology, most said it was hard to find information across so many dispersed pages.

Profile Page: Based on their feedback, I designed the profile page to showcase all customer information on one page. Wherever possible I exposed information rather than hiding it behind links or tabs. I made profiles easy to create through Facebook data syncing, and added tag functionality so sellers could easily group contacts, like they already do in binders.

3. Sellers want the app to be simple to navigate, especially in mobile.

One of the more important user flows to get right was order management, a task often done on-the-go.

Orders Screen: When following up, sellers need to quickly identify who placed the order, when, how much was spent, the associated trunk show, and the order status. Beyond that, they want to know what the customer ordered, when the items are expected to arrive, if the customer used rewards, and how much they (the seller) earned in commission. My design goal was to clearly showcase this information on as few pages as possible.

Where things are now

Developing prototypes. More coming soon.
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