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Ecommerce Quiz
Role: Lead designer and supporting researcher
Team: Worked with EVER's Director of Product, Director of Marketing, Senior UX Researcher, Brand Designer, and Engineering Team
Duration: 3 months

EVER Skincare is a direct sales skincare company sold by 2,200 women across the United States. Through interviews and analytics, I learned that EVER sellers had a productivity problem. They spent hours planning events and firing off facebook messages only to get a few responses back and even fewer converting customers.

Sellers needed a more effective tool for selling EVER product.

Competitor Research
After several focus groups and brainstorms, the EVER team decided to solve this problem through an ecommerce quiz, following in the footsteps of Sephora, True and Co., Stitch Fix, and Warby Parker. We studied these quizzes, breaking down their user experiences to understand what worked and didn't work.

Concept Testing
We concepted EVER's quiz based on what we learned, and what we already knew about our customers. A week later, we launched a rudimentary version to sellers via third party tool, Woobox so we could prove the concept before building it.

Woobox Quiz
User Flows
We learned what worked and didn't from the Woobox quiz, and applied it to our user flows for the real thing. Below is a portion of a user flow.

Usability Testing
We tested several aspects of the design - questions, visuals, and layouts through guerilla-style interviews at local coffee shops.

Quiz Design
Featuring the mobile flow

Results Page Design: This page was tricky. EVER's strategy at the time was to promote their starship product, a $255 Regimen. This proved difficult because it's not what users expect to see. It provokes sticker shock and confusion. Users, new to the brand, might consider buying one product, but five is a lot. Five on subscription, which is what we promoted is very unlikely.

I designed several dozen layouts because of these concerns. Ultimately the team still chose this design, but we've explored and tested several variations since launch. We've explored more conventional layouts, email upsells earlier in the flow, and are working with marketing to cut copy, loose the salesy voice and clarify product value. This page has been a monster to design but a great learning experience in successfully collaborating with team members to build great product.

The team was short-staffed so I volunteered to create emails and marketing assets for launch. I worked with our head of marketing to define our launch strategy to sellers and customers. Below is a customer launch email (left) and product recommendation summary (right). Want to take the quiz for yourself? View live quiz