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Web Design
Role: Lead researcher and designer
Team: Personal project
Duration: 1 week

This was a fun side project, exploring how to improve the LinkedIn profile page. I worked on it a few months before LinkedIn officially launched its redesign.
Current Design Analysis
First, I explored the information heirarchy on the profile page to understand LinkedIn's goals, which I identified as: 1) feature important content high on the page through a profile card and recent experience section; 2) foster engagement through prominent buttons, featured posts, and a 'People Also Viewed' section; and 3) Generate money through relevant, visually integrated ads. I reference the 'Refreshed Profile Page' below, referring to mocks found online of the expected redesign.

Notes on the current designs
Proposed New Design (how connections view profile)
Proposed New Design (how user views profile)

Changes to Profile Card
The goal of this section is to provide a brief, insightful summary. Significant changes: Moved the profile card to the left column and designed the column to move with the user as he/she scrolls to provide continuous context. Other changes: Stacked the buttons to clarify importance heirarchy; exposed important links; and pumped up the CTA color for better engagement.
Changes to Background Section
The goal of this section is to summarize professional experience. Significant changes: Began page with a headline (personal pitch) to hook the audience. Collapsed attachments to reduce information overload. Other changes: Exposed three recent positions for enhanced relevance; and removed the non-additive section icons.
Changes to Education and References
My goal here was to simplify how users edit and view credentials and references. Significant changes: Moved recommendations higher on the page due to importance; removed recommendations under job positions to eliminate redundancy. Other changes: Collapsed information in the Education and Recommendation sections to make them easier to scan.
Changes to Skills and Groups
The goal of this section is social validation. Significant changes: Highlighted five skills to reduce information overload and moved the skill's title in front of the number for context. Other changes: Collapsed content in the Groups and Following sections to reduce information overload.
Changes to Right-Side Column
The goal of this section is to increase engagement across LinkedIn. Significant changes: Positioned 'Posts' in the top right corner because of its importance to the user and LinkedIn. Designed 'Mutual Connections' UI like Facebook's for familiarity. Other changes: Added the user's name in front of 'Recent Posts' to clarify the creator.
Editing Profile
The goal here was making it easy to update and improve the profile. Significant changes: Moved the 'Add to your Profile' section to the left column so it's not the first thing a user sees. Other changes: Added improvement upsells across the page like Facebook does, using bright blue to differentiate from link text. Reduced text in the Personal Stats and Notification sections for reading ease.
My goal here was to simplify. Significant changes: Reduced height by 50% without removing content. Other changes: Modernized UI for a cleaner look.
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