work about
Mobile Design
Role: Lead researcher and designer
Team: Personal project creating a business travel app
Duration: 1 week

Persona Development
Developed a user profile to identify the needs of a typical business traveler.
Competitor Analysis
Studied existing travel apps to evaluate their experience, content, and value propositions, looking for problems to solve.
Opportunity Areas
Grouped existing apps into opportunity areas to visualize the landscape.
Industry Trends
Studied the Travel, Hospitality and Leisure industry identifying five major trends: Travelers expect booking and expense flexibility; Business-leisure is on the rise as the distinction between work and leisure blurs; virtual cards and digital payments are changing traditional expense management; companies are investing in Duty of Care Compliance as security and health concerns increase; and artifical intelligence is powering extraordinary personalization.
User Scenario and Sketching
Created a detailed user scenario based on the research, then jumped into sketching.
Designs and Prototype
Analyst Pool